11 Claire Danver Quotes By Rachel Caine

I am not getting you a brain, because I am not that kind of assistant, Dr. Frankenstein.
Rachel Caine – Kiss Of Death

She smells better, Claire said. And she made me cookies.
Rachel Caine – Midnight Alley

I had a good teacher.Better not have been Myrnin or I’ll have to kick his predatory ass.I mean you, dummy.
Rachel Caine – Ghost Town

Michael, your my big brother.
– Rachel Caine

You can’t go around… licking things that come out of a water treatment plant. That’s just… unsanitary.
Rachel Caine – Black Dawn

If she were any friendlier, she’d be giving you a lapdance right now.
Rachel Caine – Bitter Blood

Welcome to Morganville.You’ll never want to leave.And even if you do…well, you can’t. Sorry about that.
– Rachel Caine

Now play nicely, make-believe dead girl
Rachel Caine – Carpe Corpus

Please don’t go away. You–you matter. To me.
Rachel Caine – Bitter Blood

She wanted to lunge over and kiss him. Well, ew, not really, maybe a hug. Or a hanshake.Claire about Oliver
Rachel Caine – Ghost Town