12 Percy Jackson Quotes By Rick Riordan

With great power… comes need to take a nap. Wake me up later
Rick Riordan – The Last Olympian

The rivalry ends here, Percy said. I love you, Wise Girl.
Rick Riordan – The Blood Of Olympus

Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die.
Rick Riordan – The Battle Of The Labyrinth

Aphrodite: Pfft. That’s not the point. Follow your heart.Percy: But… I don’t know where it’s going. My heart, I mean.
– Rick Riordan

I know, I’m an idiot! Leo moaned. A brilliant idiot, but still an idiot.
Rick Riordan – The Demigod Diaries

Hope, Frank grumbled. I’d rather have a few good weasels.
Rick Riordan – The Son Of Neptune

Behold! Percy shouted. The god’s chosen beverage. Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!
Rick Riordan – The Mark Of Athena

He just summoned the dead with coke and cheeseburgers
Rick Riordan – The Battle Of The Labyrinth

Forget the chicken-nugget smoke screen. Percy wanted Leo to invent an anti-dream hat.
Rick Riordan – The Mark Of Athena

He’s nuts Bianca saidWe need to jump off this cliff i saidOh nice idea!! Your nuts too
Rick Riordan – The Titan’s Curse

Great, I thought. We just blowtorched a national monument.
Rick Riordan – The Lightning Thief