19 Paranormal Romance Quotes By Lisa Kessler

This time, I wanted to enjoy the passion that burned between us until we were both about to combust.
Lisa Kessler – Moonlight

Scars and a thrill seeker. Gods help her…
Lisa Kessler – Lure Of Obsession

No one in her life had ever loved her so honestly.And this was not going to be the end of her story. Not today.
Lisa Kessler – Pirate’s Passion

I am many things. Stupid is not one of them. Your wrath is impressive for a mortal.
Lisa Kessler – Night Child

Trying to second-guess Tegan was like trying to track a tornado. A tornado he had no business chasing.
Lisa Kessler – Beg Me To Slay

He shook his head. Those waves are begging us to ride them. Talking can wait.
Lisa Kessler – Legend Of Love

I’m a pretty patient guy when it’s something worth waiting for.
Lisa Kessler – Ice Moon

You make me want to be.
Lisa Kessler – Legend Of Love

Dance with me.
Lisa Kessler – Dance Of The Heart

His deep voice rumbled. You are all that ever mattered to me.
Lisa Kessler – Blue Moon

You should’ve mentioned you were bringing a beautiful woman. I would’ve combed my hair.
Lisa Kessler – New Moon

This zipper only comes down for you.
Lisa Kessler – Ice Moon

Fate was a damn bitch, waiting until he had something worth living for before making death an option again.
Lisa Kessler – Pirate’s Passion

You’ve got an empire to run, I’m just your arm candy.
Lisa Kessler – Ice Moon

Hope could ruin a man who faced forever.
Lisa Kessler – Pirate’s Pleasure

Her dark eyes sparkled in the sunlight as she stared up at me. You are a moon child. She calls to you.
Lisa Kessler – Harvest Moon

I’m the king of bad ideas.
Lisa Kessler – Legend Of Love

Come closer. His voice was more of a growl than a whisper. Hot.
Lisa Kessler – Blue Moon