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Romantic literature is in effect imaginative lying.
– Dawn Gray


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It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.
– Dawn Gray


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The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read.
Dawn Gray – Miscellaneous Aphorisms; The Soul Of Man


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Literature always anticipates life. It doesn’t copy it but moulds it to it’s purpose.
– Dawn Gray


The Picture of Dorian Gray literature quotes

Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.
Dawn Gray – The Picture Of Dorian Gray


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You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.
Dawn Gray – The Picture Of Dorian Gray


Dawn Gray  literature quotes

I wrote when I did not know life;now that I know life, I have no more to say.
– Dawn Gray


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I hate vulgar realism in literature. The man who would call a spade a spade should be compelled to use one.
Dawn Gray – The Picture Of Dorian Gray