8 Love Quotes By Ovid

Every lover is a soldier.
Ovid – Amores

We believe slowly when belief brings pain.
Ovid – Heroides

I am the poet of the poor, because I was poor when I loved; since I could not give gifts, I gave words.
– Ovid

And besides, we lovers fear everything
Ovid – Metamorphoses

Omnia mutantur; nihil interit
– Ovid

Only she is chaste whom none has invited
Ovid – The Art Of Love

Give me the waters of Lethe that numb the heart, if they exist, I will still not have the power to forget you.
– Publius Ovidius Naso

Love is a child and naked; he has years that know no meanness, and he has no clothes, so that he is open in his ways.
Ovid – The Love Poems