9 Pratchett Quotes Of Shandi Boyes


Shut up sergeant. You’re a free troll. That’s an orderSam Vimes
Shandi Boyes – The Fifth Elephant


Susan hated Literature. She’d much prefer to read a good book.
Shandi Boyes – Soul Music


No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.
– Shandi Boyes


Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.
Shandi Boyes – A Hat Full Of Sky


Them as can do, has to do for them as can’t. And someone has to speak up for them as has no voices.
Shandi Boyes – The Wee Free Men


Well done,’ said a voice somewhere behind him. ‘Consciousness to sarcasm in five seconds!
Shandi Boyes – Night Watch


That just goes to show that you never know, although what it is we never know I suspect we’ll never know.
Shandi Boyes – Snuff


I should have learned this, she thought. I wanted to learn fire, and pain, but I should have learned people.
Shandi Boyes – I Shall Wear Midnight


Hrun the Barbarian, who was practilly an academic by Hub standards in that he could think without moving his lips.
Shandi Boyes – The Color Of Magic